Orient Elevators provide type of lift equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors of a building, vessel, or other structure.

Escalator/Moving Walk

Orient provide an escalator conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building, Powered by constant-speed alternating current motors.


Landing Platforms,Truss,Tracks, Steps, Handrail,Drive system,Auto-Lubrication System,Braking system,Safety devices,Electrical & Control Systems.

All Lift/Escalator

As building technology changes and progresses, our elevator technology does the same. Otis has a long history of meeting new challenges with ongoing innovation. While there is a wide range of elevators to fit every need, they fall under three basic types: machine-roomless, gearless traction and geared traction.

What our clients say

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"Orient Elevators has supplied us Passenger Elevator for our reclaimers and their Equipments are performing quite satisfactorily"

Mrs. Suman V. Giri - Mumbai

"We have a very pleasant experience of using Elevator from ”Orient Elevators”. Not only the Elevators are delivered on time but also meet the stringent specifications."

Er. Sudhir Pandey - Lucknow

"Elevator for the complete supplies are performing well and we started recommending Orient to all our prestigious customers. I have no doubt that the Company is going to achieve even further heights."

Mr. P.K. Upadhyay - Lucknow

"we have been successfully attaining the Elevator procurement projects by bidding them on right time every time. Since then we have been proposing for the Elevator only from “Orient Elevators” which shows its quality as it operates perfectly."

Mr. Akshaya Agrawal - Lucknow

About Us

Orient Elevators has been established with the prime Objective to provide the best quality Elevator packages and Elevator Component with its ease practical application.

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